Auto Detailing

Few things about car care and detailing that every car owner should know.  Car care and detailing is an essential part of being a
good car owner. Without regular and quality car care and detailing your car’s paint will diminish and begin to lose shine and look older. It will also lose a layer of protection potentially allowing cosmetic damage to your paint. It’s important to make sure that car care and detailing become a routine just like you get an oil change, you need to be sure to perform regular car care and detailing.


Exterior Detailing


Coupe: $70  Sedan: $80  Small SUV/Crossover: $90  Large SUV/3rd Row: $100

  • Exterior is washed and dried using methods designed to reducing marring and scratches
  • Quick wipe down of all door, hood, and trunk jambs (Actual engine bay and components are not cleaned)
  • Tar is removed (additional fee applies for excessive tar)
  • Wheel faces, tires, and wells are cleaned
  • Clay Bar all exterior surfaces to remove above surface contaminants (paint and windows)
  • Tires are dressed
  • Exterior trim is dressed
  • Door jambs are waxed
  • Paint sealant is applied to decontaminated exterior surfaces
  • A topcoat of wax is added to the sealant to enhance depth and additional protection to your paint


Interior Detailing

Basic Interior:

Coupe: $50  Sedan: $60  Small SUV/Crossover: $90  Large SUV/3rd Row: $110

  • All interior seats, cloth, and carpet are vacuumed (trunk included)
  • A topical cleaner/foaming agent is applied to clean and reduce superficial soiling.
  • All interior panels and console receive a wipe down (to remove dust and minor dirt) with an eco-friendly cleaner
  • Dash and center console are dressed using a protectant that is gloss free and has UV inhibitors
  • Door jambs are wiped down
  • Windows are cleaned


À la carte

Deep clean carpet $50

Deep clean interior panels $35

Deep clean seats $25-50

Clean and condition leather seats $65

Hvac vents steamed $15

Engine bay detailed $35

Engine top cleaned $65

Engine bottom cleaned $100

Remove wheels and clean $35

Excessive tar $10

Swirl removal $35

Cut and buff $50

Wax $35

Quickie exterior $20

Quickie interior $20