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Summer 2019 Update

I haven’t been updating as much as I’d like but here’s some photos from Instagram of what the Tundra has been doing since the last post.

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He goes the distance..

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Tundra went down to Jacksonville, FL to deliver the Cressida wagon sibling. I don’ t think I’d ever have time for it so I gave it away to a friend.
Meme moved to Fayetteville, NC to be with her husband. Lee left his car here so I trailer it to him while he drove the uhaul.
Since Lee moved into an apartment and to save money and not pay for storage he gave me some stuff.
I bought a 1993 Honda Del Sol Si automatic
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It’s my Birthday!

Today’s my birthday and I decided to put the front back together and dial it in. It looks like the front and rear camber will be matching. Will be skating around… Wonder what it looks like air up. Need to finish installing lines and wire up the trunk.

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The otherside and dialing the camber

I tell you what… It seems like the 20-30th of the month is the only time I have to work on this thing.
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Serialnine Rear Upper Arms

Got the S9 rear upper arm installed on the right side. I got back in October installed. Had an issue with one of the aluminum bushings holes. Drilled it out and it’s fine. Didn’t want to waste time waiting to get one from S9 in Canada. Ran out of time will do the other side later.

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Double bellow front bags

Decided I wanted to try out these double bellow bags instead of the UAS fronts. These are from Asia so we’ll see how well they work out. The specs on paper say these have more compression than the UAS so that means it would have more lift for me since I’m driving low and parking lower. With yay much lift. If these don’t work out UAS now makes double bellow aerosport.
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Mobil1 Annual Oil

With the technology for everything ever changing.  Mobil1 released a 20k oil.  I decided to give it a try and I’ve sent the oil in for analysis.  I’ve ran this oil for 40k miles.  I changed the filters at 10k and changed the oil at 20k intervals.  Back in the day wine the whole synthetic came out and 5k-7k oil changes I was like whattt no way and stuck with conventional oil til I actually understood synthetic and had a car that came with it from the factory.  

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Amazing Tundra Life

For the past year I’ve driven things truck to Kansas City a few times. Went down the East side of Florida all the way down to the Florida Keys.

Bought a new trailer to bring a 88 Rx7 convertible home

Hauling for Martin

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Got to see how 34s did hauling today.

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Down in Key West

Got a LS400 for parts in Georgia

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Seriously… #6 #ucf20masterrace #ucf2x

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Snow was wild 2018

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The Civic

This car has been around since I bought it used from Honda in Savoy, IL. It had 110,000 miles I believe. Little after highschool I sold it to another family member Paul. He had it for a year or so and then it went to Jimmy. When it was with Jimmy it was pretty much partially mine haha! Omnipower USA had just came out and I was a dealer. It had the Omni works and was fressshhh! Years later Jimmy ended up swapping a GSR motor in. It ended up sitting for years after Jimmy got married and got his wife a new car. Jimmy then left it to his brother Tommy. It sat most of the time since Tommy didn’t like the clutch and it had no power steering or A/C. Now over a decade of sitting in the shadows. I have it with me again. It’ll be a track car in the making like I intended it to be years ago!