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The Civic

This car has been around since I bought it used from Honda in Savoy, IL. It had 110,000 miles I believe. Little after highschool I sold it to another family member Paul. He had it for a year or so and then it went to Jimmy. When it was with Jimmy it was pretty much partially mine haha! Omnipower USA had just came out and I was a dealer. It had the Omni works and was fressshhh! Years later Jimmy ended up swapping a GSR motor in. It ended up sitting for years after Jimmy got married and got his wife a new car. Jimmy then left it to his brother Tommy. It sat most of the time since Tommy didn’t like the clutch and it had no power steering or A/C. Now over a decade of sitting in the shadows. I have it with me again. It’ll be a track car in the making like I intended it to be years ago!