Digital File Conversions

Casey was a project manager for a document imaging company,
With the skills, he is offering digital services that you probably didn’t know exist.

Documents to PDF with option to OCR (optical character recognition)
Form conversions IE: fill and check boxes can be made in pdf document.
Ebook conversions, VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, MiniDV and Digital 8 video to digital.  Post those family memories online!
Have old mixtape cassettes that you want to make into MP3?  We can help you. Film, slides, xrays, photos also can be digitized.

Scanning equipment involved are a Kodak Multi-document feeder scanner capable of doing 600dpi color and 11×17 flatbed scans.
two microtek scanners that can scan up to 12×18

If you are like us, we keep all the receipts for all car repairs.  Instead of keeping them in the glove box or in a thick folder on your shelf, we can scan them and organize them in any way digitally with PDF format.