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Imports VS Domestics World Cup Finals 2016

Let’s just say it was one of the longest trips ever.  Drove from SC to Kansas City to my boys shop JT Autosports got some prep done at Modified By KC because two shops working together to make magic happen!….Hung out with them all night/morning.  Things didn’t go so well. Got some pho and some sleep.   Decided we work on the car some more.  Made big power on the rollers. Popped the head gasket on the last pull. We flipped a coin. Decided to load the car on the trailer and fix it at the track in Maryland!  The GPS took us through the wrong road and we had to limp the dually since the engine brake stopped working.  Trans fluid got hot and shot out the dipstick at the top of a mountain.  Luckily fellow trucker stopped and gave us a ride to a Napa to get some trans fluid.  We made it to the track safely, made it through tech and started working on the motor for qualifying the next morning.

Just go look at the pictures and come back to read this if you want to know more. LOL.

Ended up doing a trans service for the dually at the track and doing the front brakes!  We ended up going through 2-3 heads and 2 blocks at the track.  That’s not counting what John has went through before I got there to KC.

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